Phone And Network Cabling

Your phone and network wiring is a critical component of your business infrastructure. The performance and reliability of your system depends on choosing the right type of cable, cut to the proper length, with securely-mounted connectors, all installed so as to avoid strain on the cable and interference from other systems.

No Hangups Communications has over 40 years experience doing just that.

phone and network cabling

We provide design and installation of wiring across your network:

  • Phones
  • PCs
  • Printers
  • Credit / Debit machines
  • Wireless access points
  • Security cameras
  • Patch panels
  • Paging systems
  • Conference room configurations
  • Cat 3 / Cat 5 / Cat 6 / Coax / Fiber
  • Video: HDMI / VGA / Cat 5 / Cat 6
  • Audio: Conference phones / Surround sound

We also offer diagnosis of issues up to your service provider interface, where lines from Bell, Rogers, etc. enter your building.